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SD Cards

All Film School equipment records on SD cards, but not all SD cards are alike or equal. Students must provide their own card, and that card must conform to the following specifications:
  • 8, 16, or 32 Gigabyes (in some cases, especially Audio class, a smaller card may be required, but that will be addressed at the beginning of class)
  • SDHC or SDXC
  • Class 6 or better
  • 150x or better
  • Use major brands such as Sandisk


Film School Handbook

The Film School Handbook is your guide to all things in The Film School. Look here for information on the program, senior projects, facilities, classes and more!

NOTE that we've made significant changes to the Film School curriculum that take effect in Fall 2015.  Incoming freshman and transfers will follow the requirements of that new catalog, and not the "course of study" in the current Handbook.


Operating Manuals

Below are manuals for some of the newer equipment. Some manuals, such as for the 16mm cameras and older equipment, are available in paper form from The Cage or from faculty. These will be digitized and added as time allows.

Senior Project Handbook