Academic Paper Standards

Paper Standards

All papers written for Film School classes must abide by the following requirements unless otherwise noted in the assignment:

All Papers

  1. 8.5" x 11" white bond paper
  2. 12 point Arial or Times Roman font for the entire paper, including title
  3. "Normal" appearance, except where bold or italics are used for emphasis
  4. All titles (of a book, movie, etc.) will be in italics, not in quotes or underlined
  5. 1" margins all around
  6. If more than one page, the page number will appear at the bottom center of all but the first page
  7. Header information (your name, date, etc.) will be single spaced
  8. Body text will be double spaced; only one double space between paragraphs
  9. If the paper is more than one page, it must be stapled. Unstapled papers will not be accepted
  10. All papers will be typewritten in contemporary American English following academic standards
  11. Spelling always counts
  12. Proof read for grammar, word usage, logic, and punctuation. If in doubt, have someone else proofread your work.
  13. Citations and references in APA style. Here are two sites to help you:   Citations             References

Short Papers (less than 5 pages)

Type your name in the upper right hand corner, single space and type the class, single space and type the assignment name, single space and type the date.

Below that, double space and type the title of your paper, centered, then double space and begin your text.



Long Papers (5 pages or more)

Create a title page/cover with the title of your work in ALL CAPS one third down the paper. Double space and type "by" then single or double space and type your name.

One third from the bottom of the paper type the name of the class, single space and type the name of the assignment, single space and type the date.

Everything on the cover page will be centered.

On the first page of the report, repeat the title of your report, centered at the top of the page. Double space, then begin your report. Do not repeat the header information on the first page of the report.