Academic Credit for Forensics


COMM 2120/3120 (Communication Activities) is an opportunity for you to earn academic credit as you prepare for and participate in the performance of intercollegiate speaking and debate.

This one-credit course is designed to offer credit for the work and time you put into Competitive Forensics. It's offered both fall and spring.

  1. Attendance is required unless prior arrangements are made with Mrs. Adamson at the beginning of the semester. Example: if you have a class conflict with our class time, one hour a week can be made up independently. You must make up time missed even if you are sick.
  2. Coaching Time is required. You MUST practice with a coach two times for each event per tournament.
  3. Research will be necessary. You will spend time finding scripts, doing character sketches, and or writing speeches for competition. Each requirement here is dependent on type of event(s) you choose.
  4. Weekly Goal Setting will be done in preparation for tournaments (coaches can advise). Team Study in current events is necessary to keep up with "the outside." Discussion and updating extemporaneous files will be required of extemporaneous speakers.
  5. Three Events are required for competition by the second tournament. You must participate in at least one prepared event.
  6. Two Tournaments. You are required to attend two tournaments per semester unless Mrs. Adamson makes special arrangements to allow you to fulfill this obligation through other means.

FLYING TO TOURNAMENTS: Tournaments we fly to have limited space and not everyone will be able to make the trip. Criteria for attending these tournaments are quality of material, attitude, listening to coaches, and making necessary changes to speeches, grades, and practice time invested. Seniority may also be a determining factor.

But if you qualify, we pay all the expenses for the trip -- there are no fees or charges for being on the forensics team!