Part of NNU's classy Forensics team hangs out between events at a tournament somewhere.

Forensics: Previous Experience Not Required

Forensics (speech and debate) is like an athletic team: we practice and compete with other colleges around the region and around the country in tournaments. Like golf, tennis, or track, each member of the team competes individually in their own events, adding to the team score. Also like sports, forensics is both fun in itself, and also helps you develop valuable skills you'll use in all areas of your life.

The NNU forensics team is your opportunity to hone speaking and performance skills. Previous speech and debate experience is not required to be a part of the team, and all travel expenses are paid for by the department, even cross-country flights to national tournaments.

Forensics events cover a lot of varied ground:

  • giving an interpretive reading of a piece of literature
  • orally delivering a story you've written
  • making an impromptu speech
  • taking part in a formal debate (similar to a courtroom)
  • and more.
You, with your coach, choose the event or events in which you'll participate.

The links on the left will lead you to detailed information about the team, but if you'd like more information immediately, email coach and professor Brooke Adamson at


You don't need prior competitive experience and you don't have to be a Communications major to join the team - all students are welcome! 

For more information and to join, contact Coach Adamson at

Students need to maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA in order to participate in forensics.

Never been on a forensics team? There are many types of events in which students can participate -- not just debate -- so come to a meeting and find out what's possible. Students are encouraged to choose their events and seek out the themes and material(s) that fit them best.


Like most sports, scholarships are sometimes available to students who compete on the Forensics team. These scholarships are over and above the general academic scholarship you receive when you're accepted to NNU.

Please ask the coaches about the availability of these awards.