Prof. Ytreeide Bio

Dr. Arnold Ytreeide

Dr. Arnold Ytreeide has had an extensive career in all forms of media. For over thirty years he has been making films and videos, producing television programming, creating TV, radio and print advertising, and writing books.

In that process, he as worked for and with ESPN, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and other cable and broadcast networks and stations as well on numerous Christian and secular films and broadcast shows.

He is a published author with several books of fiction and non-fiction currently in print.  His Jotham's Journey Advent series has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Dr. Ytreeide attended film school at the American Film Institute and Rockport Maine school for feature film producing and directing. He has an AA degree in Criminal Justice, a BA degree in religion and theology, an MA in Communications from Boise State University, and did his doctoral work in film theory at a university in Switzerland.

In 2002 he was asked by NNU to take charge of the film and television major for a year, and has been there ever since.

Dr. Ytreeide is married to Elsie, and they have two grown children and five grandchildren. He enjoys travel, scuba diving, camping, writing, and making movies.

You can view  some of his works by Googling "Arnold Ytreeide."