Communication Studies Faculty

Communication through storytelling and relationships is the passion of each faculty member in the Department of Communication Studies. Whether it's through the film and television classes of the Mass Communication ("Film School") major, the public speaking, relational, and public relations classes of the Public Relations major, or the research and analyses of the Communication Science major, every instructor brings a wealth of education, experience, and skill to the classroom.

Dr. Arnold Ytreeide, Chair

Administers the majors and minors of the department.

Directly oversees the Mass Communication major ("Film School").

Teaches screenwriting, media literacy, media law, film theory, film and television history, post production, and film and television production classes.

Why Are You Here?:  "I' love working with students! And I'm passionate about helping them tell the stories they want to tell through moving pictures."

Dr. Ytreeide's Bio

Phone: 208-467-8256

Dr. Donna Allen

Oversees the Communication Science major.

Teaches communication theory, interpersonal, organizational, small group, and intercultural communication, rhetorical theory, research, and speech.

Why Are You Here?: I have learned that effective communication is at the heart of every area of life -  relational, spiritual, occupational, even recreational. I teach in this field because of the joy I experience as students discover ways to be passionate and effective in every area of life by communicating more effectively and understanding the processes that make them outstanding scholars and communicators.

Dr. Allen's Bio

Phone: 208-467-8431

Prof. Brooke Adamson

Oversees the Public Relations major

Director of Forensics

Teaches speech and interpersonal communication, forensics, non-verbal communication, persuasion, public relations.

Why Are You Here?: What better place could I be than where I get to teach what I love, pray with my students, and walk with them on this journey.


Adjunct Faculty

Nathaniel Snyder

Teaches field and studio audio recording, post production, and sound design for film


Letha Quinn

Teaches public speaking
Assistant Forensics Coach


Dr. Stephanie Tomlinson

Teaches public speaking and public relations classes


Dean Matlock

Teaches public speaking (Professor Matlock is also full-time faculty teaching Criminal Justice courses in that department)