Act II, Scene 2

Hamlet exclaimed "The play's the thing!" in plotting to trap the conscience of his murderous uncle. That's a great analogy for how we invoke drama at NNU: we use all the tools and skills of theater to capture the minds of the audience, transporting them to another place and another time, giving them something unexpected to laugh, cry, or think about.

Drama is an interpretation of words in a script, theater couples those words with lights and sets and effects. We combine these under the direction of remarkable storytellers to teach students the skills of the stage and move audiences to those new realms. While we don't have a formal major in drama, the Department of Communication Studies provides several opportunities each year for those interested in acting both on-stage in productions such as the Fall Play for Homecoming, and in front of the camera through films produced by The Film School. Add to that the spring musical produced by the Department of Music, and you'll find plenty of opportunities to hone your acting or staging skills, even as you study a more traditional major.

The play's the thing—and a thing we take seriously at NNU.