Communication Studies

The Art & Science of Communication

When God spoke the universe into existence he did more than "just" create everything we know, he also established communication as the means by which things get done. At NNU, we thought that was important enough that we dedicated a whole department to studying and teaching how communication works.

Communication: the art and science of transmitting information from person to person. It's an art because most of what we communicate is a reflection of life: ideas, systems,  It's a science because the theories of communication manifest themselves in very concrete and technical structures: speeches, websites, press releases -- even a State of the Union address.

In the Comm Studies department we look at communication in several different ways, from reaching large numbers of people through public relations to reaching a small number of people, or even one person, through public speaking and interpersonal relationships. And we base all of what we do on serious study and research.


  1. BA in Mass Comm ("Film School")
  2. BA in Communication Science
  3. BA in Public Relations

ANNOUNCEMENT!  The "Film School" is now a part of the Department of Art, Design, and Film.  We'll be moving its webpage shortly, but the information here is still correct.


  1. Communication
  1. Forensics ("Speech & Debate") Team

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