What's "mass comm"?

"Mass comm" stands for Mass Communications. At NNU, that means you'll be a part of the film school, exploring the ideas behind filmmaking in the classroom and putting them to use in the studio and on set, as well as learning about communication itself, from its use in organizations to its role in interpersonal relationships.

What's "film school"?

"Film school" is just what it sounds like: a place to learn the art and craft of making film and television. At NNU, we love to.

Can I get a job after graduation?


Here's a sampling of where a few of our film school alums are working:

  • ESPN
  • Dreamworks Studios
  • Local TV stations
  • Own production company in Seattle
  • Large independent film company
  • On the mission field in South America and Africa
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • On the show "Top Gear"
  • As head of video production for another college

What kind of financial aid is offered?

Financial aid is available through the university. A key offering of the film school is the chance to become a TA, which provides a significant stipend per semester.

Film school? In Nampa, ID?

We know. It seems strange, but the fact is that Idaho is a great place to start out in the film industry. There are plenty of opportunities to work on a variety of regional and national crews, and the lack of restrictions makes making a film in Idaho a much simpler process.

What kinds of classes will I take?

Classes range from Advanced Screenwriting to Cinematography to Media Systems and Literacy to Interpersonal Communication. All of these, in addition to NNU's general education requirements, result in a depth and breadth of knowledge that will inform a student's creative impulse.

What are "crew points"?

150 crew points are required for graduation, and students earn 1 for every hour they've worked on a crew. Many students go above and beyond and earn hundreds of extra crew points. At NNU, crew points mean experience.

What's a "TA"?

A TA is a teacher's aide. At the NNU film school, this means much more than simply grading assignments. TAs form a vital part of the film school leadership and influence the direction of the program. They're put in charge of the department's equipment and facilities.

What are "screen credits"?

Screen credits are the currency of Hollywood. There's nothing like watching a project that you've helped on and seeing your name at the end, scrolling across the screen. At the NNU film school, students automatically earn screen credits while working on department projects and when given the opportunity to work on senior projects and professional shoots.