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General Education Requirements

NNU Course Bulletin

Mass Communication Requirements:

COMM1010. Introduction to Communication (3)
COMM1260. Introduction to Video (1)
COMM2020. Media Systems and Literacy (3)
COMM2050. History of Film and Television (2)
COMM2250. Introduction to Scriptwriting (3)
COMM2260. Intermediate Video Production (3)
COMM2280. Audio For Film and Television (2)
COMM3010. Producing Film and Television (2)
COMM3020. Organizational Communication (3)
COMM3030. Film Theory and Criticism (3)
COMM3050. Nonverbal Communication (2)
COMM3250. Advanced Screenwriting (3)
COMM3260. Advanced Television Production (3)
COMM3280. Media Law and Ethics (3)
COMM3290. Intermediate Post-Production (2)
COMM4250. Cinematography (3)
COMM4260. Film and Television Directing (3)
COMM4610. Communication Research and Theory (3)
COMM4970. Senior Project (1) (2 required)
COMM4980. Seminar in Communication Studies (1)

Crew Points

Each student is required to earn a minimum of 150 "Crew Points" during their time at NNU (pro-rated for transfer students).

Students who earn more than the required 150 points are eligible for special achievement awards: the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Slate awards. These come with both a trophy and a letter from the Department Chair for inclusion with your resume.


Cage Hours

The cage is open Monday through Friday during two half hour slots.

The current cage times are:

9:00am - 9:30am
5:30pm - 6:00pm

SD Cards

The Film School has gone tapeless. All of our cameras now record to SD cards, but not all SD cards are alike or equal. Students must provide their own card, and that card must conform to the following specifications:

  • 8, 16, or 32 Gigabyes
  • SDHC or SDXC
  • Class 6 or better
  • 150x or better
  • Prefer Transcend or Delkin brands (we know these work; other brands are probably fine)

Paper Standards All papers written for Film School classes must abide by the following requirements unless otherwise noted in the assignment:

All Papers

  1. 8.5" x 11" white bond paper
  2. 12 point Arial or Times Roman font for the entire paper, including title
  3. "Normal" appearance, except where bold or italics are used for emphasis
  4. All titles (of a book, movie, etc.) will be in italics, not in quotes or underlined
  5. 1" margins all around
  6. If more than one page, the page number will appear at the bottom center of all but the first page
  7. Header information (your name, date, etc.) will be single spaced
  8. Body text will be double spaced; only one double space between paragraphs
  9. If the paper is more than one page, it must be stapled. Unstapled papers will not be accepted
  10. All papers will be typewritten in contemporary American English following academic standards
  11. Spelling always counts
  12. Proof read for grammar, word usage, logic, and punctuation. If in doubt, have someone else proofread your work.

Short Papers (less than 5 pages)

Type your name in the upper right hand corner, single space and type the class, single space and type the assignment name, single space and type the date.

Below that, double space and type the title of your paper, centered, then double space and begin your text.

Long Papers (5 pages or more)

Create a title page/cover with the title of your work in ALL CAPS one third down the paper. Double space and type "by" then single or double space and type your name.

One third from the bottom of the paper type the name of the class, single space and type the name of the assignment, single space and type the date.

Everything on the cover page will be centered.

On the first page of the report, repeat the title of your report, centered at the top of the page. Double space, then begin your report. Do not repeat the header information on the first page of the report.


Film School Handbook

The Film School Handbook is your guide to all things in the film school. Look here for information on the program, senior projects, facilities, classes and more!


Operating Manuals

Below are manuals for some of the newer equipment. Some manuals, such as for the 16mm cameras and older equipment, are available in paper form from The Cage or from faculty. These will be digitized and added as time allows.

Senior Project Handbook

Senior Project Handbook


Academie des Arts et Techniques du Cinema (Cesar)
Best Short Film

Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (Genie)
Best Live Action Short Drama
Best Animated Short

Ann Arbor (Michigan) Film Festival
Mosaic Foundation - Best of the Festival

Annecy Festival International Du Cinema D'animation
Le Cristal d'Annecy
Jury Award
Best Student Film

Aspen Shortsfest
Animated Eye Award
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best Student Film
Best Short Short

Athens (Ohio) International Film Festival
Best-in-Category (narrative)
Best Experimental (narrative or animated)

Atlanta Film Festival
Grand Jury Prize
Best Animated Film
Best Narrative Film
Best Student Short

Austin Film Festival
Best Narrative Short Film
Best Student Short Film

Berlin International Film Festival
Golden Bear

Bermuda International Film Festival
Best Short Film

Bilbao International Festival of Documentary & Short Films
Grand Prize of the Festival of Bilbao
Golden Mikeldi for Animation
Golden Mikeldi for Fiction

Black Maria Film Festival
Jurors' Choice (First Prize)

British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards
Best Short Film
Best Short Animation

Cannes Festival International Du Film
Palme d'Or (Short Films)

Cartagena International Film Festival
Best Short Animation - Golden Catalina Indian
Best Short Narrative - Golden Catalina Indian

Chicago International Children's Film Festiva

Chicago International Film Festival
Golden Hugo

Cinanima International Animation Film Festival
Grand Prize

Cinequest Film Festival
Best Short Narrative
Best Short Animation

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
International Grand Prix
National Grand Prix

Cracow International Festival of Short Films
The Grand Prix - The Golden Dragon

David Di Donatello Award
Best Short Film

European Film Awards
European Short Film - Prix UIP

Festival de Cine de Huesca
Ciudad de Huesca Gold Danzante Award
Iberoamerican Gold Danzante Award

Flickerfest The Coopers Award for Best Film
The Yoram Gross Award for Best Animation

Florida Film Festival
Grand Jury Award Best Narrative Short

Foyle Film Festival
Best Irish Short
Best International Short
Best Animation

Gijon International Film Festival for Young People
Premio Principado De Asturios Al Mejor Cortometraje (Best Short Film)

The Hamptons International Film Festival
Golden Starfish Award for Best Short Film

Hiroshima International Animation Festival
Grand Prize

India International Film Festival
Best Animation Film
Best Short Fiction Film

Locarno International Film Festival
Golden Leopard - Live Action Short
Golden Leopard - Animation Short

Los Angeles Film Festival
Best Animated Short Film
Best Narrative Short Film

Los Angeles International Short Film Festival
Best of the Fest (Top Prize)
Best Foreign Film
Best Drama Film
Best Comedy Film
Best Animation Film (Top Prize)
Best Experimental Film

Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
Best Narrative Short

Melbourne International Film Festival
The City of Melbourne Grand Prix, Best Short Film
Best Fiction Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best Experimental Short Film

Montreal International Festival of New Cinema
Best Short Film

Montreal World Film Festival
1st Prize - Short Film

Nashville Film Festival
Best Animation
Best Short Subject
BestCollege Student Film

Oberhausen International Short Film Festival
Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen

Ottawa International Animation Festival
Grand Prize to the Best Independent Short Film/Video

Palm Springs International Short Film Festival
Best Animation
Best Live Action (15 minutes and under)
Best Live Action (over 15 minutes)
Best Student Animation
Best Student Live Action (15 minutes and under)
Best Student Live Action (over 15 minutes)
Best of the Festival Award (may be awarded to any genre)

Portland Short Short Film Fest

Rhode Island International Film Festival
Best Short Grand Prize

San Francisco International Film Festival
Short Narrative - Golden Gate Award
Animation - Golden Gate Award

Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Bruce C. Corwin Award - Best Short Film
Best Animated Short Award

Short Shorts Film Festival
Best of Festival Award

Shorts International Film Festival
Best Drama
Best Student
Best Comedy
Best Animation
Best Experimental

Siggraph Best Animated Short Film

Slamdance Film Festival
Grand Jury Sparky Award for Best Short Narrative

St. Louis International Film Festival
Best of the Festival
Best Live Action Short Film
Best Animation Short Film

Stuttgart International Animation Festival
State of Baden-Wurttemberg Prize
State Capital of Stuttgart Prize
Mercedes-Benz Award for Children's Animation Film
SWR Audience Award
International Super RTL Award for Animated Film
International DaimlerChrylser Sponsorship Prize for Animated Film
Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Award for the Best Student Film

Sundance Film Festival
Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking

Sydney Film Festival
Dendy Award - Only competitive for Australian Short Films

Tampere Film Festival
International Grand Prix
National Grand Prix

Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival
Worldwide Short Film Festival Award for Best Live Action Short Film
Worldwide Short Film Festival Award for Best Animation Short Film

TrueWest Idaho Film Festival

Turin International Film Festival of Young Cinema
Short Film Competition - Best Film

Uppsala International Short Film Festival
Grand Prix
Best Children's Film

USA Film Festival
Fiction First Place
Animation First Place
Experimental First Place

Venice International Film Festival
Silver Lion (Gold Lion is awarded to Feature Films)

World Animation Celebration (Los Angeles) Grand Prize - Best Film of the Festival

Zagreb World Festival Of Animated Films
Grand Prix - Best Film at Festival

The Code

Equipment is delicate - I'll handle it gently
Equipment is expensive - I'll be careful where I leave it
Equipment is my responsibility - I'll pay for it if it gets broken, lost or stolen