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Mass Communication: The Film School @ NNU

The official degree is "Mass Communication," but at NNU that means "Film School."

It's a rigorous program where you learn to write, produce, shoot, direct, and edit movies, videos, and television programs at the highest levels of professionalism .

But it's not a technical school where you only learn how to push buttons. Our focus is story, and we spend a lot of time talking about the philosophy and theory of visual storytelling.

We watch hundreds of movies to figure out what works and what doesn't.

We discover the history, law, ethics, and business of filmmaking.

We learn to tell stories, and we learn to tell them well.

Of course, we also learn to shoot. In four years you'll spend hundreds of hours on professional film sets, both producing your own work and as part of large collaborative crews.  In the process you'll use exactly the same equipment and learn exactly the same procedures used by Hollywood and film crews around the world.

This is film school. It's not about pushing buttons. It's about learning how and when and why to push those buttons to tell meaningful stories and impact lives.

Welcome to The Film School @ NNU!

A Submarine In Our Studio - "Articles of War"


What can you do after Film School?

Parents and students often ask, "Where do graduates of the Film School go after graduation? Do they really get jobs?"

Well, yes!

And those students who applied themselves most -- those who took their school work seriously and took advantage of all the great opportunities we provide -- got the best jobs.

Here's a sampling of where a few of our film school alums have been hired or are working:

  • ESPN
  • Dreamworks Studios
  • Local TV stations
  • Own production company in Seattle
  • Producing a series for The History Channel
  • On the mission field in South America and Africa
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • As head of video production for another college

Dutch Bros. Coffee highlights 2014 Film School graduate TJ Dooghan


So You Want To Work In Hollywood . . .