Communications Degree

The Art & Science of Communication

Communication: the art and science of transmitting information from person to person. It's an art because most of what we communicate is a reflection of life: ideas, systems, It's a science because the theories of communication manifest themselves in very concrete and technical structures: newscasts, speeches, feature films, even a State of the Union address.

In the Comm Studies department at Northwest Nazarene University, we look at communication in several different ways, from reaching large numbers of people through the media of film and television to reaching a small number of people, or even one person, through public speaking and interpersonal relationships. We have a variety of options to receive your communications degree in an area that interests you.

So whether you want to be an artist or a scientist, the Department of Communication Studies has you covered with a variety of Communications degree options: Mass Communication (Film School), Public Relations or Communication Science.

Majors & Minors


  1. BA in Mass Comm ("Film School")
  2. BA in Communication


  1. Communication
  2. Broadcasting
  3. Media Production